Avenida del Acueducto, 20, 40002 Segovia

Industry Services

Sale of Raw materials

Seriousness, trust, personal treatment, closeness and experience differentiate us from our competitors and allow us to offer high-quality raw materials with guaranteed traceability at competitive prices.

The family history of the company, attached to the local roots but also attentive to international markets, allows us to acquire products both inside and outside the country.


Logistics and storage

We collaborate with providers of logistic solutions throughout the nation (inland and ports,) as well as abroad, providing with land, sea and river solutions.

Our service is complemented by an extensive network of our own as well as third-party road transporters; approved as service providers according to the ISO 22000 standard. We collect the harvest of our clients and suppliers anywhere with the maximum guarantees.

Our facilities have modern grain cleaning and conditioning centers to meet the quality standards of the market

Corn and Sunflower drying

In order to obtain the best results in quality and food safety, we are equipped with the best sunflower and corn dryers in Abades and Arévalo, which are digitized according to the latest technology in industrial drying and treatment of raw materials.