Avenida del Acueducto, 20, 40002 Segovia

Who are we?

Our History

We are a family owned business founded in 1953 by Octaviano Palomo del Pozo, dedicated to the marketing of cereals and agricultural raw materials in an increasingly dynamic and demanding global market.

We provide knowledge and technology to improve the quality and performance of the farmers with whom we collaborate.

Our ISO 22000:2018 quality and ISCC sustainability management systems, storage, seed selection and logistics, together with our knowledge of international markets, allow us to meet our goal of generating value for customers and suppliers.


We want to be the best option and lead the market but always keeping present the values of our founder, Octaviano Palomo: a way of acting based on ethics, sustainability and good governance where people, teamwork, excellence, and respect to what was agreed are the pillars of our way of conducting/seeing the business.


We believe in an agriculture based on lasting relationships with customers, suppliers, collaborators and employees. We want to be the best option for our customers and suppliers and lead the market without moving away from the criteria of ethics, sustainability and good governance that have accompanied our organization since its foundation in 1956


Commitment: with our customers and suppliers, with people, with our environment, with the planet. Respect for what has been agreed: we believe in the value of our word. Reciprocal trust: we believe in long-term relationships which can only be built on trust. Excellence: we never stop learning and improving our processes, which is why we continuously evaluate our work (critical attitude) to offer good quality products and services. Teamwork: teamwork multiplies our productivity and creates value by carrying out tasks that complement each other and contributes to everyone's development


We offer the industry high-quality agricultural raw materials for feeding people and animals. We pursue greater competitiveness for our clients by contributing with our vast experience in international markets and our knowledge of the most modern management and logistics systems. We work actively with farmers by providing them tools, knowledge and technology that allows the improvement of the quality and performance of their production and therefore be able to adapt to market demands.

Our Facilities

Octaviano Palomo has six work centres, including the headquartes in Segovia. Its facilities are equipped with the latest technology for the storage and distribution of raw materials.

The Silo de Pancorbo in Burgos is one of the most modern centres in the north of España. Built in 1977, we have converted it into an state of the arts grain storage center: fully automated, remodeled and digitized. This facility is not only a storage and distribution point for grains, but it is also designed to offer farmers in the North of Burgos, Rioja and the Basque Country integrated agronomic consulting services, with the aim of optimizing yields in the field, as well as the search for optimal solutions for the prevention and eradication of threats to the harvest, the selection of seeds, etc.

The Cuellar and Abades centres are reference centres for farmers in the provinces of Segovia and Valladolid. Together with our experimental and test fields, the centres have storage capacity and offer agronomic services.  In the region of La Moraña, in Ávila, we have our facilities in Arévalo and San Cristóbal de la Vega, which in addition to drying and storage capacity, offer advisory services to farmers.

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Grain storage and
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San Cristóbal de la Vega
Grain storage.
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Our commitment to improve the competitiveness of our customers and suppliers and expand the business to other regions, has led us to acquire the Silo de Pancorbo, one of the largest grain silos in España, which belonged to the Ministry of Agriculture of España

Sustainability Policy


Starting in 2012, the company implemented several quality standards under the premise “QUALITY AND SERVICE: OUR REASON FOR BEING” , with the aim of continuous improvement and contribuition to sustainable development, economic progress, social equality, preservation of environment and guarantee the safety of the products we sell.

ISO 22000:2018

Throughout the year 2013, Octaviano Palomo undertook the implementation of a “Food Safety Management System” based on the UNE-EN ISO 22000: 2005 Standard. A seal that we have been updating until we have obtained the latest version (ISO 22000: 2018), which guarantees our clients the commitment that we have in the continuous improvement of quality procedures and systems. See Certification

An added value that guarantees our clients the commitment we have in the continuous improvement of quality procedures and systems.


We have also been certified as a sustainable supplier by the European Directive for the Promotion of Renewable Energies (DER), which promotes the use of clean energy sources to supply biomass for the production of biofuels. A seal that we also update to the latest version, DER II – Directive (EU) 2018/2001

See Certification